Planning Services

  • Neighborhood and city planning
  • Main street management
  • Urban design
  • Placemaking
  • Retail market studies
  • Sustainability services
  • Environmental services
  • Policy design and analysis

Grimm-Lyon Planning and Design offers a range of neighborhood and city planning strategies to communities throughout New York, New Jersey and New England.

Whether its by developing signage for individual businesses, establishing economic redevelopment strategies for business districts, or creating studies that analyze policy on a citywide scale, Grimm-Lyon provides you value by collecting the information you need to develop winning strategies for your business, neighborhood and community.

Through design and stakeholder engagement Grimm-Lyon translates the best of contemporary urban planning principles by developing strategies that will suit the needs of your customers, community leaders and residents.

By considering a variety of issues including land use, zoning, demographics, access, circulation, sight lines, historic use, preservation, environmental conditions, and community benefits, Grimm-Lyon planning services are able to provide you with a unique perspective on a familiar environment.